The Migrant (Moving) Image at Vanity Projects


Vanity Projects, the nail salon where nail art meets video art, has announced its latest video feature: The Migrant (Moving) Image, a three part video program curated by Nathanja van Dijk, a project by A Tale of a Tub, a non-profit exhibition space in Rotterdam (NL).

The exhibition program features over twenty international artists and is split into three chapters. Each chapter will be shown for a period of one month, with the program running from May 18th to August 24th, respectively. 

The program The Migrant (Moving) Image is an artistic response to the current migration crisis – the largest the world has faced since the Second World War. Through the program the films selected shed light on migration in today’s society, which has become almost inescapable and inextricably linked to our contemporary social, political and economic reality.

The art films explore an alternate reality of the world through an aesthetic perspective that showcases the migrant as central to society, instead of a as a victim or a criminal, as often seen in the global media. 

The goal of the program is to deepen viewer's understanding of life in exile and what it means to live a life between the country of origin and the land of your dreams.

Chapter One: Departure May 18th to June 22nd
Chapter Two: Transit June 23rd to July 27th
Chapter Three: Arrival July 28th to August 24th 

Vanity Projects 
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