Fringe Projects, Beach is Better

good weather | Fringe Projects

Fringe Projects presents an afternoon of temporary interventions taking place on the sand at the 67th Street Beach in Miami Beach. Curated by Justin H. Long, Beach is Better includes projects from Grupo Anan (Los Angeles),  SPF15 (San Diego), Detroit Bad Boys and Girls Club Athletic Club (Detroit), Nick Faust (NYC) and Good Weather (Little Rock). 

The pieces on display range from performance to site-specific, focusing on interaction with the viewer. The pieces include a performance piece between two lovers, a play in seven parts, a music-less dance, and a soccer game hosted by the Detroit Bad Boys and Girls Club Athletic Club. Bringing together a group of artists, Good Weather has positioned pieces of a boat dock on the shore as platforms and partitions for an exhibition that explores work caught up in the physiological effects of the world – from emotional to political. 

Fringe Projects commissions temporary, site-determined projects in the public realm. It first launched five years ago with Downtown Art Days. It is also currently supporting an exhibit in Bayfront Park by JPW3 titled ZENJAIL. The piece echoes Japanese construction forms and reflects on the concept of a feeling of peace while in the confines of jail. 

Fringe Projects presents: Beach Is Better
December 3rd | 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
67th Street Beach, behind the Deauville Hotel