Gutter Films November Noir Nights

in a lonely place

Gutter Films presents In A Lonely Place on November 17th at the Miami-Dade Public Library, Downtown. As the third installment of a series for November Noir nights, In A Lonely Place turns Noir Literature into a dark classic. The first film produced by Humphrey Bogart's own Santana Productions, it is also regarded as one of Bogart's darkest performances as Dixon Steele. The film also stars the sinful and seductive Gloria Graham as Laurel Gray. 

Gutter Films has been screening noir films throughout the Miami area. After a two year hiatus, Gutter Films is partnering with the MDPLS to bring three films to life. Attendees are encouraged to read Dorothy Hughes In a Lonely Place before the screening. Free popcorn and coffee.

Miami-Dade Public Library
Screening in the Lounge | 6:00 pm
101 Flagler St | Miami