You Cannot Be Replaced


Los Angeles-based artist and Locus Projects founder Elizabeth Withstandley debuts at new work at Miami gallery Dimensions Variable. The show seeks to the answer the question "You Can Not Be Replaced" through a two-channel video installation featuring members of Dallas band Polyphonic Spree. The band, has over 82 current and former members, which took the artist more than two years to track down.  The video is accompanied by audio featuring music from the band, ambient cosmic recordings and spoken word. 

The exhibit is the final show for Dimensions Variable at its current location; a seemingly appropriate pairing. Dimensions Variable, one of the city's revered experiemental art centers will move to a yet-to-be determined space after a forced relocation. The show runs through October 18th from 12 to 5 PM. 

Dimensions Variable
NE 11 St, Miami