Photographs by Lone Palm

Everyone needs essentials - for us it's about finding the right things for the right season. Here, a perfume oil, a sunscreen, some soap and a the best package of coconut oil we've seen in awhile.

VitaCoco Coconut Oil
Whether coconut oil is good or bad for you remains a topic of debate – for now, we’re believers of the former. With this serving of coconut oil VitaCoco has fully realized the use of coconut oil for everything. As the tagline says, Eat it. Wear it. Swear by it. |

Maison Louis Marie
Antidris | Lime
Lime is a light yet complex citrus scent with herbal notes of peppery basil and fragrant thyme dotted with a hint of florals – perfect for the cooling weather. The perfume oil is a blend of fragrances and safflower oil, moisturizing as it carries you through the day. |


Sunscreen Oil SPF 50
This non-greasy formula has makes everyday sun protection a breeze with its easy spray-on application. It’s also hydrating, provides antioxidant protection, and it’s water resistant. Goodbye sun damage. |

BODY Cleansing Slab
Aesop’s creamy vegetable-based soap is enhanced with essential oils to cleanse and hydrate — and hints of Bergamont rind, Ylang Ylang and Tahitiain lime will leave you feeling fresh at the end of a humid Florida day. |