Photograph courtesy So Delicious

In Alvin & Lyle, So Delicious director Peter Emmanuliov brings us into the world of a growing boy whose new desires bring him into conflict with his mother.

According to the Belgian director, “The concept is partly inspired from the movies Harold and Maude & The Graduate. I told the story through aesthetics and script references to these movies to get that early 70's pop mood.”

The film takes a psychoanalytical look into a young mind filled with desire and conflict, mixed with a touch of fantasy.

The director says, "Shooting 35mm was also part of it of course. As for the rest, it's about phantasm, dreams & psychoanalysis."

It is two minutes of beautiful nostalgia - for the end of summer, for the sweetness of youth, and for that moment of freedom.

Alvin & Lyle, So Delicious
Directed by Peter Emmanualiov