Five Questions with Pete of WVUM 90.5 Pete's Beats

What inspired you for the mixtape and how did you choose the songs?  
As with all of my mixes, this mix is a snapshot of what I’ve been listening to recently. Music is so closely tied to my experiences and memories that I like a mix to serve as a sort of musical time capsule.

I chose songs that span a variety of genres and moods. This allows me to incorporate elements of a literary storyline (rising action, climax, falling action, etc.) in how I order the tracks so that the mix plays like a cohesive album rather than a random smattering of music.

Can you describe a landmark moment since starting Pete’s Beats?
I can’t think of a defining moment that has fundamentally changed the show but it closely follows my musical interests, which evolve slowly.

Can you describe the sound of your radio voice in five words or less?  
I'd describe the sound of Pete’s Beats as: melodic, bright, dreamy, crisp, and accessible.

It’s hard not to sound scripted because there are a lot of rules governing what we (WVUM DJs) can say on air. So I think there is a lot to be said for sounding relaxed and conversational on air, and this is what I strive to do every week.

Best way to deal with song requests that don’t quite fit the show?
I’ve discovered so much new music through listener requests that don’t quite fit the show, so I try my best to find a place for them. Sometimes that means the listeners have to wait a little while to hear their requests, but they usually don’t mind.

What is the first tape or CD that you owned?
Mariah Carey - Daydream I still have a soft spot for powerhouse vocals!

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