Photos courtesy of Marion


Tucked away on a stretch of 1st Avenue in the Brickell neighborhood is a place that will instantly inspire wanderlust. Disguised as a neighborhood restaurant, Marion evokes the elegance of a European eatery with the comfort of a casual corner café. 

Offering both dine-in seating and grab-and-go options, Marion pairs modern cuisine with café culture, providing a robust menu that offers fresh takes on Mediterranean flavors. During the week, the restaurant serves a buffet lunch offering a seemingly endless array of culinary delights — a raw bar beckons with oysters and succulent shrimp, mushroom risotto is served in a parmesan wheel, and whole roast chicken and Alaskan salmon cook on a charcoal fire. There is expertly sliced charcuterie, a variety of bright, crisp salads, and a variety of dessert; Marion’s bakery serves everything from precisely- dipped chocolate strawberries to lemon butter cake.

Its strong French influence sets the tone for the space – the restaurant is a palette of faded pastels, its furniture is iconically French-made, and its windows are shaded with imported French lace curtains, reminiscent of a brasserie. 

Melded together with Miami’s tropical ambiance, the environment transports its guests – a Parisian boulevard, a scenic cafe in the French Riviera or a hotel lobby in the Caribbean, all come to mind as foreign locales.

The experience is intoxicating and deserves pause. For a moment, Marion provides the transformative feeling that you can go anywhere, be anything, and live the life you’ve always wanted. Couldn’t we all use that feeling a bit more?

1111 SW 1st Avenue
Brickell | Miami