Five Questions with Pirate Stereo

What inspired you for the mixtape and how did you choose the songs?  The inspiration for this mix was electronic soul. It’s a compilation of songs that can be enjoyed anywhere – pool, beach, pre-party, after party – at home or in the club.

There’s new stuff, old stuff, tons of cool edits, I chose songs that had a timeless quality about them and have become staples in my sets.  There’s a new PS remix in there as well. 

Where did the name Pirate Stereo come from?
It was the brainchild of a dear friend. In college, we’d joke about how we liked anything with the word “stereo.” I started DJ-ing with it and it stuck.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
It was always music. I didn’t see myself as a DJ, but looking back, it was kind of obvious. I always loved to share and talk about music even as a kid. I though of being a record exec, maybe A&R.

Magic City vs. Mexico City, who wins?  Why?
Tough. Mexico City wins. The food alone puts it over the top! Miami is very beautiful – there’s a reason we live here – but DF has this electricity to it, socially and culturally, it’s incredible.

Do you have a landmark moment or gig from this year?
We had Greg Wilson at Slap & Tickle recently, it was great to open for him. He’s been a huge inspiration for me as a DJ.

Bonus question, what are you listening to now?

Pirate Stereo
Tuesdays | Slap & Tickle at Bardot
Weekends | Broken Shaker, 27 & Soho Beach House