photo by dylan rives

Nine Questions with YSL

What inspired you in creation of the mixtape?
I record all my mixes live, so each one is inspired mostly by my current mood & surroundings. My thoughts were to keep it light, tropical & refreshing, mixing some new tracks I'm sort of obsessed over with timeless classics in R&B, melodic deep house & deep disco.

How did your DJ moniker come about?
A friend of mine called me YSL once as a nickname and thought it was clever. It's pretty much my first name if you drop every other letter or so.

How does your personal style inform your musical style?
I'd like to say I'm a trendsetter in my personal style and that very much reflects in my music. I like finding rare gems, piecing different styles that typically wouldn't go together & making them work. That's why I refer to myself as a music stylist rather than a DJ. Just like a fashion stylist, I don't work with just one designer or specific style to create one look. The same with music, I don't stick to one genre, I take risks, and try to be as creative as possible still creating one cohesive sound.

Who influences your musical taste?
Because my musical taste is so broad, I can't point it to just one person. I'm influenced from anyone like Barry White to Common to Daft Punk to AlunaGeorge. 

What was your favorite CD when you were younger?
My favorite and still to this day, Sade: The Best of Sade

YSL or Saint Laurent?
YSL - obviously! 

Where is the most far-flung location that you have been to for a set?
There have been a few, but a couple years ago I did a special event in Marrakesh. Let's just say the experience was nothing short of magical.

Name one place in Miami that you think always plays great music. 
Miami evolves so rapidly, I can name one place today, and it might be something different next week. Right now, I think Faena is a great place for music & overall ambience.

What are you listening to now?
Probably, Drake.

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