Five Questions with Carli Nicholas

What was inspiring you when you were creating this mixtape?
There is one common denominator in this mix that spans across 50 years of sounds - the undeniable and euphoric influence of disco and soul music. I have always had an admiration for disco music, but what truly moved me to dedicate a mix exclusively to the genre was watching the new Netflix series, "The Get Down," which is loosely based on the birth of hip-hop at the end of disco's golden age.

What fascinates me about the disco genre is how much music continues to be influenced by it's sounds. The very first rap songs were born of disco track samples until the producers started cutting their own. Truthfully, watching the show was a realization of how present the disco sound is in a majority of the tracks I favor when DJing. It truly draws the most unified, uplifted and engaged audience and I love that. 

Which early 2000's popstar do you secretly love the most? 
It's no secret that I love Britney Spears. If I had to choose between going on a date with post-Toxic Britney and current Britney I'd have to say the former. In all seriousness I have so much respect for her. She was the first female "sex symbol" I was exposed to as an adolescent and to be quite honest I couldn't get enough of her. Long live Britney, Bi*$%!

If you had to choose your theme song what would it be? 
Since this mix is dedicated to disco music, I've been rinsing a few absolutely golden classics as of late. Currently on rotation is Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Staton. The message is pretty heavy, but that tune makes you want to grab somebody and dance!

When you are not DJing, what are you doing? 
While I moonlight as a DJ, my full time gig and passion is my current role at Red Bull. I handle all the marketing for the brand in Miami giving "wings" to people and their ideas. I like to call myself a "dream manifester." When I'm not working or DJing 99.9% of the time you can find me snuggling with my wolf dog and/or girlfriend. I love a good snuggle. 

Name a favorite hidden Miami spot. 
My backyard and personal oasis – the 25th Street beach. But don't tell anyone, ok? 

Carli Nicholas
Monthly Residencies: 
Old School Hip-Hop at Talde
Disco at Electric Pickle
Open format at 27 Restaurant

Carli Nicholas debuts Friday, October 7 at iii Points, listen to more on Soundcloud.