Five Questions with Djane

What inspired you for the mixtape and how did you choose the songs?
I wasn't inspired by anything in particular. I wanted it to be somewhat upbeat with a mix of different music. 

When did you first start thinking about music?
I was in high school when I thought about learning to DJ. It wasn't until I started college that I finally bought equipment and started to teach myself.  

Who are some other DJs that you look to for inspiration or as a standard?
I wouldn't say I look at any DJ as a standard since I like a lot of different genres and DJ's but DJ Craze is definitely someone I've always looked up to.

What are some challenges that you faced when you first started?
I taught myself to DJ for a few different reasons and looking back I kinda wish I would've accepted the help I was always offered. 

What do you do to prep for a show?
It depends on the show and where i'm playing. Sometimes I don't prep at all and just go with the vibe when I get there and sometimes i'll organize music and practice ahead of time before my set.

Who or What is influencing you now?
I'm into a lot more electronic music these days so thats definitely an influence lately.

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