Five Questions with Millionyoung

What inspired the mixtape and how did you choose the songs? 
The mix is a collection of my recent inspirations. Some of it is old stuff I’ve been rediscovering, some of it is new stuff my friends have been creating, and all of it puts me in a good mood.

What was your first gig as a DJ? 
I got into it by just playing at house parties in college, but my first gig at a venue was back in the day at PS-14.

Where did the name Millionyoung come from?
It’s the name of a song by one of my favorite bands, The American Analog Set.

When you cover and remix songs what is your process? 
When remixing or covering a song, I always try to take the piece somewhere entirely new. Especially with covers, because I feel it can easily sound cheesy when you try to mimic what someone else has done too closely. With remixes I usually go as far as to make a new song from scratch, keeping the vocals and a couple key elements like a hook.

Ballers or Miami Vice? 
Neither, Bad Boys.

Where are you playing next / where can fans see you?
I’m finishing up a new album, so I’ll be taking a short pause from shows, but you can catch me next on July 14th, performing in-store at Warby Parker in Wynwood. They’ve got a cool little event called Summer Sound Sessions, where different bands are doing intimate in-store live sets around many of their locations.

Millionyoung is managed and booked by Gummdrops. 

July 14 | 6:00 pm Warby Parker Summer Sound Sessions