Five Questions with Sasha Lauzon

What inspired you for the mixtape / How did you choose the songs?  
I love old classics that are remixed or revamped. For this mixtape I decided to pick 12 tracks that always get me up and moving. These songs are my "tried and trues".

What/Where was your best show or performance to date? 
I recently had the chance to open up for Jellybean Benitez which was amazing. Disco is my favorite genre of music and Jellybean was the resident DJ at Studio 54 in NYC. HIs eclectic music collection was jaw dropping and he obviously had many tales to tell. Sharing the decks with such a musical legend was both inspiring and truly memorable. 

Best way to deal with overzealous song requesters? 
I think that part of my responsibility as a "musical curator" is to introduce people to tracks or artists that they may not have heard of before. When someone approaches my booth and asks to hear a particular song I like to use that opportunity to turn them on to something new and/or different.

I simply tell them "I don't have ________ , but here's an artist with a similar song or style that I think you'll appreciate." This strategy usually works in my favor. 

If you have a late set, where do you go for late night take-out? 
If I am on the mainland and in need of a late night snack I head to Gigi's. If I am on the beach Talde at the Thompson never disappoints!

In three words what makes a great DJ?
Personality, Programming and PASSION

Sasha Lauzon
April 8 | PARLOR Miami Pop-Up 4 - 7 pm
April 10 | Mister Sister Poolside Soiree, The Hall 2 pm - sundown