Photo by Genesis Bonilla | At East Miami

Fashion insider and Glamour Latin America correspondent Danie Gomez Ortigoza is a woman on-the-go. An emerging street-style favorite, fashion insider and global force, in just a short time she has given Miami style a whole new perspective.

Give us some background on your history in the industry.
My background is mostly in advertising, and digital marketing. I used to have a blog where I wrote about branding and the fascinating effect it has on people’s perceptions. When I was offered the opportunity to be part of Glamour as a correspondent I found it very exciting. Instead of writing about brands – through Glamour – I can help women discover and make the best of their own “brands”.

Can you describe what you do as the Conde Nast Latin America correspondent? 
Miami is the capital of Latin America. It is the meeting point of the people that are leading different disciplines throughout the region where Glamour Mexico and Latin America is distributed. As a correspondent, I check with my editors about what is relevant for them, to complement their sections, and I write a couple of articles each week for web.

You have a signature look – braids –how did this came about? 
It started when I was working for the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society, where I helped put together a group of women leaders that are shaping Mexico for an annual conference about women’s impact in Deauville, France. I would braid my hair and on the last day of the conference, most of the amazing women of the Mexican delegation asked me to braid their hair too. It was a different braid than the one I use now, but I could see this particular style had an impact. As a ‘thank you’ gift for my help with this endeavor, Jean Christian Agid, who is the person I was working with, gave me a beautiful Hermes scarf, and I decided it was the perfect complement for my braid. Floridian Frida was born, and she’s now part of me. It is the best way of making an homage to how proud I am to be Mexican and it represents my feminist commitment to help women succeed.

Define your style in five words or less.
Classic with an edge.

What do you love about working in fashion, especially in Miami?
Everyone is open to collaborate, and the people are fascinating!

How have you seen Miami fashion change in the past couple of years?Though I’ve only been here for two years, I’ve seen a big change in Miami’s fashion scene. We all want to see Miami become a fashion capital, and we will succeed. There are many “Miamis” but those involved in the fashion world are making a statement, which will eventually permeate to all the rest. That notion of “the more you show, the better you look” is slowly evolving.

Do you have any favorite stores or brands in Miami at the moment? 
There are so many brands that inspire me in Miami. Ximena Kavalekas, The Nomadic Collector, and Adriana Castro are my absolute go-to brands for bags. When it comes to jewelry, I love Monica Sordo’s artisanal pieces and Katherine Cordero’s shop in Wynwood. Kruzin has the best sneakers, and her logo – a daredevil – is so much fun. When it comes to clothes my favorite is Alexis. Every piece is so elegant! Style Mafia is the best choice when you don’t want to spend too much, but you are looking for a super cool outfit and Miami Vintage has a fantastic selection for those who know a bit about fashion history. Also, Julian Chang has really fun dresses. Have you heard about Shapoh? It’s a Miami-based online store for haute tea hats. Each piece is an absolute work of art, and they come from all over the world. So special, and who doesn’t want to attend a haute tea party?

Is there another Miamian that you look to for great style?
There are so many! I love Andy Faerman’s style. She’s my Argentinian Carrie Bradshaw and keeps me in the loop on everything related to the amazing talent in her country, even though she’s based here. Jenny López has a unique style that is so classic and dreamy. She is my window to Colombia. Angeles Almuna is also one of my favorites. She has the most unique pieces, and is quite daring on the way she styles them. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her, she made quite an impression on me. Daniela Botero has a super sexy style, and let’s face it, she could wear a trash bag and still look like a goddess!

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