Photographs by Jesus Brazon

Crispy Soloperto is chief concierge at the beloved Standard Hotel and Spa on the Venetian Isles in Miami Beach. A Miami veteran with a distinct character, she ensures the best guest experience. Talking with her reveals years of knowledge and feels uniquely intimate, creating a bond of instant trust. Her manner – energetic, genuine – points to her innate sense of self.

How did you get your start?  
I was working at The Raleigh as restaurant manager and a guest was asking a front desk agent where they could get army/navy items and they were like a deer caught in headlights. I was passing by and went bla bla and x y z…[insert information here]. Four days later I had a new job.

What’s your approach to making suggestions for guests?
I like to see where the guests are from, what can they see and do here they can’t at home and then we interact and build an experience together.

How does your own taste inform those recommendations? 
My own tastes do come into play but I have to listen to the guests as well. I may not care for a particular restaurant but if their heart is set on it, off they go.  It is their holiday, I’m just here to guide them. I get great pleasure going the extra mile to create that WOW factor and seeing people’s face light up.

What is the most common thing asked of you at The Standard? 
If I can arrange a dolphin sighting for a guest when they go out for a paddle board session in the bay off our dock. Not kidding.

So what’s the one thing you should never ask the concierge to handle?  
It’s not cool to ask for drugs.

How do you plan for Art Basel?
The hotel carefully plans that I am prepared for anything. I do certain things every year for our repeats. It’s all about being ready to go but it is different and the same every year.

You’ve experienced Art Basel since the beginning, what are your likes or dislikes? 
I love Art Basel luggage, it is always fabulous! I also love hearing all the different languages and seeing the fashion. I seriously dislike the traffic.  Luckily, the property is heaven during that time since its not an event space.

What is typically the hardest request to fill during Art Basel?  
Last minute private cars. I usually have a few up my sleeve but it is challenging during that time - the last few years I have had to stand out front with two cell phones.  At the end of those days a B-12 shot comes in handy.

How do you stay relevant?
I try to read all the different publications; I am learning how & what blogs to follow. Also, I never thought Facebook and those social sites would provide so much info, but they do.

Lastly, anything that excites you as of late? 
The reopening of the Venetian Causeway!  Ed. Note – The Venetian Causeway was closed for most of 2015. 


For a mean martini – See Irene Davis at Michael's Genuine.
If it’s raining at The Standard – Head to the Perez Art Museum.
For a unique experience – Visit Coral Castle.

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach
40 Island Ave, MIami Beach