Photos and work courtesy of Colada Collective

A selection of collected imagery
from colada collective

For years, Raymond Adrian has been curating a visual metaphor based on a love of coffee. Through his designer's lens, Colada Collective visually combines a mix of ideas and interests that surrounds coffee culture in both Miami and Cuba, stands as a metaphor for a larger dialogue between the two cultures.

What’s the inspiration behind Colada Collective?
Colada Collective began as a personal experiment to curate a dialogue between Miami and Cuba folklore within a design sensibility.

How did it develop?
It began first as a way to simply showcase the blend of culture in Miami without drifting into the cliché and stereotypical images that people expect.

How long have you been working on the project?
It’s been ongoing for 7 years. 

COLADA feels like such a reflection of not only coffee itself but the ritual and the lifestyle. How do you think that is reflected here?
The cafe theme is always showcased because it began with the thought that most of my conversation came during the ritual of sharing a colada. The city is reflected via the color and emotion that makes Miami energetic.


Tinta y Café, Coral Gables Versailles, Little Havana

Café Curuba, Coral Gables
All Day, Downtown – Called 2– & Milk

Versailles, Little Havana
Los Pinareños, Little Havana

Miam Café, Wynwood

Vice City, Wynwood
 Dig the carbonated water that accompanies it.

Enriqueta's, Midtown
Luis Galindo Latin America,
South Miami

What do you think about how the coffee scene in Miami is evolving?
I’m fully digging the new influx on the scene, I take it as you can’t eat lobster everyday nor tacos so the balance makes life grand.

Do you have a personal coffee ritual?
I really dig drinking a cortadito with a cafecito on the side. It’s my coffee version of a tequila shot and beer chaser. I still haven’t found anyone that does it. 

Do you have any insider tips?
1. Ask for your cortadito at Versailles with a little sugar, and touch of evaporated milk in ceramic cup.
2. If you have a colada make a spout on the foam rim before you share.
3. Always remember people not from Miami freak out when you come up to them and ask if you want some of your coffee.

What do you do when you aren’t working on COLADA?
I’m currently the Senior Visual Designer for the PAMM and I’m always collaborating on some creative side project.
Colada Collective