Photographs by David Salazar and Jesus Brazon

The all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at Cecconi’s at the Soho Beach House is no typical affair. Titled The Sunday Feast, it is an abundance of delicacies: oysters on the half-shell, fresh-cut sashimi, whole-roasted salmon, lamb ribs,  ricotta lasagna, tomatoes/basil/mozzarella, waffles with dewy berries and whipped cream, omelets made-right-in-front-of-you,  muffins, croissants, and multiple flavors of ice cream. The selection is all-encompassing and necessitates planning. When you can choose between a slice of neapolitan pizza and a parmesan spring risotto for brunch, how do you decide? Do you start with a light dish, like shrimp cocktail, and then move onto quinoa salad? Or do you go in reverse, filling up on tarts and german chocolate cake, with little regard to the creamily delicious ravioli?

There are many strategies as to how to conquer the Sunday Feast and enjoy the decadence of unlimited options. Some advise to keep it simple: start at the left-most display and work your way right. Others will tell you the trick is to use only the smaller dessert plates—allowing for just the right amount of food—and to return often to dish up more. There are those who put on “blinders” and go with what they know: omelets and potatoes. And there are those who choose gluttony, carving off as much of that roasted chicken as they can fit on the plate.

If you don’t know where to start, you could also sip on your sun-yellow mimosa and just observe, enjoying the softly lit patio with its Buttonwood trees wrapped in Christmas lights and it’s beautiful Antique Nile floors until the moment strikes.

But—to borrow a famous candy slogan—“there is no wrong way to eat...” the Sunday Feast. Judgement is reserved only for those who don’t go all in.

Soho Beach House
4385 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

Reservations required.
One drink – bellini or mimosa –included.