Five Questions with Cuci Amador of Afrobeta

What inspired you for the mixtape and how did you choose the songs? 
I use music to get me in a mood or to perpetuate a mood. This one is my two-step dance moves, smoothed out grooves. I got to catch Bob Moses at Ultra so that was a must add too.

In three words, what how would you describe your music?
Electric but organic.

How do you think the music scene has changed in Miami since you first started as a band?
When we first started playing, the only people who came to shows were other musicians. Now there is more of an audience for original live music, which we are very grateful for.

Your songs are often inspired by your dreams, have you had a dream as of late that has been really vivid? 
Recently – this is kind of embarassing – I dreamt that I was hanging out with Jimmy Fallon and had a super crush on him, although in my waking life I've never thought of him that way! 

Where is the perfect place to play or see a show in Miami?
Outdoors – the North Beach Bandshell. Indoors – the Olympia Theater. 

April 9 | Regent Cocktail Club
April 17 | North Beach Bandshell